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​Aeration is a vitally important part of lawn care. We use a professional petrol-driven machine, the tines of which penetrate deep into the lawn, punching through the layer of thatch which can suffocate the grass plant, and relieving compaction. Aeration enables nutrient, water and oxygen-rich air to access the root zone, leading to deeper roots and a healthier, more vibrant lawn. Ideally, all lawns should be aerated at least annually.



Some of the benefits of aeration:

  • Relieves surface compaction

  • Improves nutrient uptake by allowing nutrient to access the root zone

  • Stimulates new root development and growth

  • Increases the depth of rooting

  • Reduces the build-up of thatch

  • Improves the access of water to the root zone and soil

  • Improves drainage – which in turn helps to combat moss

  • Enables gaseous exchange (i.e., allows stale Carbon Dioxide to escape from the soil and be replaced by fresh, oxygen-rich air)

  • Stimulates the microbial activity which is vital in creating a healthy soil

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