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Field Woodrush

Field Woodrush is a grass-like stoloniferous (over ground) perennial weed with broad leaves. It is invariably associated with acidic soil (i.e., pH is too low). Clusters of brown star-shaped flower heads are borne on a central stem from April until May.

It needs acidic soils to survive, and if the flower heads are removed (e.g. by mowing) it can be easily mistaken for grass, but the leaves have fine hairs along the edges.



Under acidic soil conditions grass growth is too weak to prevent Field Woodrush from developing.


Field Woodrush is resistant to many lawn herbicides, but repeated applications of one which contains mecoprop-P will succeed in checking the growth.


However, if it is established that the ground conditions are acidic, an application of Calcium will be necessary to increase the pH and eradicate the conditions which are suitable for the weed to survive. An application of Calcium in autumn and\\/or spring will neutralise the pH of the soil.

Once eradicated, good general turf management practices should be sufficient to prevent its return.

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