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Growth Regulator

Primo Maxx Growth Regulator is used to reduce the frequency of mowing, and the amount of grass clippings produced, by limiting the upward growth of turf grasses. At the recommended rate, one application of Primo Maxx will give a reduction in mowing of up to 50%.


It will slow the vertical growth of grass within 1-2 weeks of the initial application. The growth that would normally be vertical will instead be re-directed to downwards growth (i.e., aiding root development) and lateral growth (i.e., sideways, resulting in a denser sward of grass).

The first noticeable effect will be far fewer clippings to remove up to 50% less over the growing season. This will result in significantly increasing mowing speed, and also reduce wear and tear on the mower. It will also provide greater flexibility in mowing, and so mitigate the effects of rain disrupting the mowing schedule.

Primo Maxx programmes will be effective in reducing damage to the turf from drought, by maintaining healthy grass for longer, and aiding rapid recovery, if the treatment application is made before the grass comes under stress.

Grass plants that are growing in shaded areas create more gibberellic acid in an attempt to reach the light and this can result in etiolated (i.e., tall, weak and spindly) growth. Applications of Primo Maxx will suppress the production of gibberellic acid, and help to minimise this effect, and create a more uniform and denser, healthier sward of grass.

  • Re-directs upward growth into downward and sideways growth

  • Helps to create a denser, healthier sward of grass

  • Reduces the frequency of mowing by up to 50%

  • Works well in shaded areas

  • Does not require watering in

  • Slows growth of grass within 2 weeks of application

  • Can be used on areas which are difficult to mow, e.g., steep banks

  • Treated turf has a bigger root mass and is better able to withstand drought

  • Recovers from drought stress much quicker

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