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Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings are caused by natural fungi spreading throughout the soil looking for nutrients. A typical cause would be the fungi finding a rotting tree root, and starting to feed on it. This causes a release of Ammonia, a form of Nitrogen, which rises to the lawn surface and spreads outwards, forming the distinctive ring shape. Nitrogen, being a fertiliser, causes vigorous growth and makes the ring easier to see. Hence the formation of a green ring.

Type 1: Green ring emerges

- if left untreated, develops into -

Type 2: Toadstool growth (reproductive stage)

- if left untreated, develops into -

Type 3: Vigorous large toadstool growth

Aeration of the affected area will help as this will disperse the Ammonia more evenly. An application of a systemic fungicide in Spring and / or late Summer may also be required.

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